A cur-tailed quiz

It was quiz night last night. The new dog has visited the pub several times and is quite accustomed to it now; it’s a very dog-friendly place and he is such a calm individual that he so far has settled down once he’s had a good sniff around. He has met the resident dogs Sim and Tim and all seems well. He has been to two quizzes and after a bit of wriggling as he assesses what’s going on he’s settled down.

Yesterday he was a little unsettled for some reason; daughter was at work and he didn’t want to go out for walks of more than a hundred yards, and seemed a bit fidgety and whingey, but quite happy otherwise – playing with toys, eating drinking… and the other things dogs do. We trotted down to the pub quite happily, greeted various people he has met before, and seemed to settle, except for a few small barks. The team arrived and all seemed well but then he became more wriggly. I took him out for a walk, returned, whinge, took him out again, whinge, and tehn I took him home.

He’s only a pup and everything is very new so i completely understood that it was time for him to go… I did rather wish he had lasted to the end of the quiz though!


    1. Lois

      No… we think there must be a leak in a seal somewhere, somehow, but at least we know all the sewers outside are clean and free flowing and there is no build-up of anything nasty. We’re going to ring our own plumber again and see if he has any suggestions… if now we’ll ask our friend in the pub who first suggested a leaky seal if he has any idea! It’s not there all the time and seems to bear no relation to the weather, if it’s been used or not… it’s just a mystery! When it’s solved I’ll write another story. Meanwhile us girls use the upstairs bathroom which is pure and sweet-smelling, and the boys use the other one!


  1. Andrew Petcher

    I know that this is contentious but I don’t like ‘dog friendly’ pubs. I want to eat and and drink without canine company. I stayed in a pub b&b recently and it was swarming with dogs. I will never go back of course. I don’t understand why dog owners imagine everyone else loves their animal!

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    1. Lois

      I agree actually. I’m not really a fan of dogs in pubs – except maybe in the garden outside – nor children either. However since the Dolphin does allow dogs and plenty go in then we do too… probably double standards here! I blush…

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