It’s rubbish!

I’ve bought my litter-picker-upper! Now I have to remember to take it out and use it when I go for a walk. I noticed that round our village the litter isn’t to bad, mainly it seems to be things which might have blown away rather than carelessly dropped – although there are the usual tins, wrappers, cigarette ends; however, when we walk further afield, especially into town, then it’s everywhere, and especially along gutters as if passing cars use the great outside as a litter bin.

I began to wonder how our town features in terms of litter and had a little Google and came across an article form January this year about two women who were doing what I intend to do, pick up other people’s rubbish.

Weston-super-Mare’s litter problem is becoming an “environmental disaster” – and

Annette Goold was described as a “livid” grandmother and she reckoned the the council is not doing enough to help, solve, deal with the problem. She said it was Weston residents who were trying to deal with the problem. Living so near the coast, with lots of streams and rhynes (drainage ditches) all across the area, the risk was that the rubbish would be swept  to stop waste blowing into rivers and the sea. At the time of the article, there was a different local council – we’ve had an election since then, so I hope that now the authority don’t just claim that Weston is no worse  than anywhere else – as if that is an argument! No wonder they got voted out!.

Back to Mrs Goold – she blamed the recycling company who collects our waste, saying that the open green boxes just let everything blow out, scattering rubbish everywhere. She didn’t mention seagulls, but these birds – and others such as crows and jackdaws are a menace when it comes to unsecured litter! Our binmen are really excellent, they pick up things which have blown off the and out of the bins, but they are on a very tight schedule, and usually there are only two men and a drive to do the job. Like most of us, Mrs Goold was depressed, annoyed and fed up with the lack of support from the council – where are the people employed to pick up the rubbish she asked. To be fair we do get a little gutter sweeping vehicle coming round regularly, and in the town centre there are people with hand wagons who tidy the streets.

Good for Mrs Goold who goes out litter picking every day! She must have been so infuriated by the ‘Weston’s no worse than anywhere else’ answer!

Here’s a link to the article:

PS sorry for the rubbish picture!!






  1. Isabel Lunn

    Dear Lois,

    A friend of mine Ruth Major has started a campaign called “A Piece of Rubbish” in which she aims to get everyone to pick up a piece of rubbish every day. She travels around the country using her bus pass calling the journeys “Ruth’s Rubbish Rambles”. She has been on several local radio and TV programmes around the country and also gives short amusing talks. Look her up, she may be coming to your area some time and you could join her in her crusade!


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    1. Lois

      Ooh, thank you, yes I will! if there are about 55 million active people that would be 55 million pieces of rubbish picked up every day! I have just looked her up, what an amazing person!! What an example!!


  2. Andrew Petcher

    I used to work in refuse collection and street cleaning. We always collected town centre litter early in the morning. I once suggested to my bosses (the council) that for one day we didn’t do it but instead went on to the street and explained to people that this is the mess that they leave behind and ask if they thought that it was acceptable.

    They declined my suggestion.

    My point is that it isn’t the job of the council to pick up litter or tax payers to pay for it and what we should tackle is anti-social behaviour. Bigger fines and prison!

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    1. Lois

      Absolutely, I totally agree – when I see the careless and indifferent and anti-social behaviour as regards litter I get really cross! Look up Ruth Major – a good friend of a good friend – she says if everyone in the whole country picked up one piece of litter a day, just one, the problem will be solved!


    2. Lois

      I know I’ve said it before, but our bin men are a marvel, they work so hard and put up with so much (particularly badly parked cars) they all deserve a big pay rise and much greater respect from more people. The same goes for the people working at the dump!


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