A helpful friend

I’ve been thinking and writing quite a lot about various eco-problems recently, and I mentioned the other day about picking up litter – as we live so near the sea it can very easily and no doubt is continually blown and washed into the Bristol Channel. I have a “friend” on Instagram and she posed an interesting question which I’ve partly answered here, ‘how does plastic get into our oceans?’

She wrote: 5g is the weight of a credit card. we consume the equivalent of one credit card of plastic every week!
I replied: What can we do? Apart from picking up litter and avoiding plastics in our own home?
She replied: Picking up litter and avoiding plastic is a great way to help but if you want to do extra make sure to vote for politicians/parties that combat climate change. You could also contact your local council and try to spread awareness.Signing petitions is a great way to help too…. Also buying clothes from charity stores or thrift stores is great and also up-cycling old clothes so they can be used again

I guess one way to avoid plastic micro-fibres is to make sure clothes and fabrics are made from natural materials… the trouble is so many fabrics are now a mix of natural and artificial fibres… It means checking every label before I buy… which I will try to do, and will try to find second-hand clothes too. I had a friend who used to get amazing bargains from charity shops…maybe I could too!

My featured image is from our beach looking inland… there was a lot of seaweed but thankfully not too much rubbish!


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