You just never know…

Life is so unexpected, you never ever know what is round the corner, not so good things, but often fantastic and amazing things which lead you along undreamed of paths! I’m not sure exactly how many years ago now, seven maybe, eight… but I started a creative writing group. I inherited a group of people and as with all such things, over time some people left, new people came, but now we’ve settled down into a regular group and we’ve been together now for quite a while.

From that a couple of us got together thinking of starting a blog, which we did three years ago last June. I had been blogging for some time but for the other two it was a new experience, and doing a joint blog is also very different. We each had our own ideas but one thought we had was to post pieces by other people. Initially people in the writing group asked for their stories to be included and we were really delighted to do so! Gradually however, other things intervened and people have busy life and not all are as addicted to writing as we are!!

From our blogs we decided to pull together a collection of our favourite/best pieces, and in 2017 we published an anthology; our name is The Moving Dragon Writes… the anthology we adapted to be The Moving Dragons Write, and publish it we did. One of my co-writers came across a list of 73 possible blog subjects, and we sort of had a challenge to write a post for each… and we began to do so. After the first twenty-five successfully completed, we put them out as an anthology too.

At some point, and who can remember when, another writer joined us; we live in the west but she comes from the north and we have never actually met her ! She is a marvellous writer of poems, short stories, factual pieces and now the four of us are about to publish another anthology of ‘our best bits’! As soon as it is available I will share it here, but it’s to be called ‘Weyr Over the West… and other places‘. We call ourselves the dragons and apparently a weyr is the collective noun for those mythical beasts!

Find our blog here:

…and our anthologies:

http://The Moving Dragons Write (The Moving Dragon Writes) by Lois Elsden via @AmazonUK


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