Went for a walk… forgot about the washing…

We had a period of glorious weather for several weeks, maybe a month even, when we just walked out in shorts and shirt sleeves, even in the evening. It was a wonderful time for washing, clothes dried almost before I’d finished pegging them out, heavy blankets could be given a freshen up and dried, duvets, pillows… all sorts went into the machine.

For the last little while the weather has been disappointing – it’s been good for the gardens and wildlife to have rain, but no good for washing. It’s still been lovely and warm though, so still out in my sandals! Today it surprised us, sunny and bright – not quite as cloudless but still a perfect day for being out and about and getting washing out and about too! Into the machine went the laundry and some time later, out of the machine came the laundry and onto the line.

Later, I was in the garden and felt the clothes, just about dry. I rearranged a couple o items from the inner part of the line on the rotary drier and left it all to absorb the sun – it always smells fresh and lovely, and irons so easily. I think partly it’s living near the sea and having salty air!

I should have got it in, I should have… but we were busy and stuff happened and then we went for a walk. As we were on the beach we dithered whether to continue on a circular walk over the water meadows but decided against it, the clouds were black and lowering. We walked the long way back and as it began to spit, we popped into the Dolphin to let it pass over. Just as well, it absolutely threw it down but we were in the dry in sociable company.

It stopped to a drizzle and we sauntered home, and it was only some time later, when we had been doing other things that we herd the splashing of rain again… and it was only then I remembered… my washing…


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