Courgette… guacamole?

I love avocados, but rarely buy them because they are so expensive and it is so difficult to find one which is ripe. I know you’re supposed to be able to ripen them at home… I’ve tried, I’ve failed. They go from rock hard and green to rock hard and black. I’ve found that if you buy them ready to eat, they usually aren’t – most have been chilled in-transit and are either dark and mushy or bright green and hard. If by some chance one arrives home perfect in appearance and texture, it’s often tasteless. There seems to be a world avocado shortage and those available are expensive or second rate.

Even though I’ve resolves to make things at home rather than buy prepared – such as hummus, I think if I want to eat guacamole I have to buy it ready made… so probably I won’t buy any! I heard somewhere, or maybe i read it, that because others are experiencing the same thing, people have started using courgettes to make guacamole… sounds odd… and surely it wouldn’t be guacamole but courgette dip? Sounds odd, but sounds as if it might be nice. I went in search of recipes and most of them seem to be in french… well that’s ok, I know enough French to follow a recipe. Courgettes, garlic, spring onions, lime, dried and fresh chillis, olive oil, fresh coriander pepper and salt…. seems easy enough but it would definitely be a dip in my opinion!

Looking for recipes i came across another which again sounds nice but shouldn’t really be called guacamole, had just courgettes and goat’s cheese… which I think would be a delicious combination! I guess if you could  be sure of buying a good avocado which cost a lot, you could make it go further by adding courgette to the mix but I wouldn’t bother, I’m afraid.

Here’s an interesting article about a home experiment with courgettes and avocados:



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