Different sort of quiz

We strolled down to the pub for the quiz, slightly earlier than usual. Tim was in his usual place waiting for the rest of his team, and a bit further along the seating were four new people. Thy were very friendly and said hello as we came in. There were more of us than usual. son and best friend would be with us… would there be enough seats for us to be a team? Tas and co were at the bar, and our team mates the South Africans were sitting at the tables next to the new people.

We sat with our friends and had a brief hello to the new people – yes, they were quizzing, no they hadn’t been before, yes they were looking forward to it! It would be a bit of a squash for us and our team! Daughter, dog ad I sat down with our South Africans and caught up on all our news. Unusually, husband was’t drumming so he as with us too. The space available wasn’t really that much, and when Mike Scott came long and sat with us, we were going to be squished when the Ice Creams arrived. And then Mike Scott’s handsome fried Fist arrived…

Mike Scott moved to anther seat an when the Ice Creams arrived, as there wasn’t enough room for them, they joined Tas at the bar. The quiz commenced; the first round was unusual in that there was a preponderance of questions about films, TV and music… which we’re not very au fait with… consequentially we did very poorly… never mind, we had enjoyed the round and had fun! Round two and this was a better round for us… unfortunately we didn’t win – but the Ice Creams and Taz stormed home to success!!

The great thing about the quiz is that although it’s lovely to win, we are equally pleased for whoever does get the most answers right! Hugs all round and we set off on our different ways home having had a lovely evening! That’s the great thing about the pub quiz!

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