Notes to self

A writing friend recommended an app for my phone which allows jottings and notes and can include photos, maps, calendar etc. It was developed for people who are beginning to lose their memory, but for a writer it’s a great way to jot down observations, thoughts and inspiration, better than a notebook and pen for those of us with terrible handwriting! However, coming back to some of my jottings, I’m not exactly sure what I meant even though I can read it – despite misspellings and not so helpful predictive text.

I shared some before, but here’s an update:

  • a beard of hipsters
  • eccentric lady wears Faberge opal and diamond white gold broach, made in Imperial Russia, on her felt hat
  • the ninth child
  • the old man waiting in his garden, drinking his tea, eating his sandwich
  • lost in a bookshop, rows and rows of shelves, up and down staircases
  • the artist who only paints necks, inside elbows, backs of knees
  • five strawberries on your head
  • contextual but crisp
  • i live in a small village and there are a lot of single women and they become targets for single men and weirdos
  • a lifetime fascination with spanners and tightening nuts and bolts. I used to go through my spanners regularly, just checking they’re all there
  • when I was children
  • Devrim

Some of them I have no clue about, why I wrote them or what i thought I would do with them… but at least, thanks to the app, I know where I was when I wrote them!

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