My daughter works shifts which means she comes home at various different times day and night. For a very good reason (new puppy) she was sleeping downstairs so he would settle in his crate, and if he called out she could calm him in his new surroundings. When she was working night shift I did the mummly thing and I slept downstairs. This only lasted a week or so and now pup settles happily into his crate bed.

It was one of the nights a few weeks ago when I was sleeping downstairs; pup had settled, and I had too into a deep sleep. When daughter came in, seeing we were both asleep she crept upstairs and went to bed. I woke at a normal time and I must have been still dazed with sleep because I couldn’t work out where my daughter was… her car was on the drive, but where was she? Surely she would have popped her head round the door to see pup and I were OK? The dog hadn’t stirred – surely he would have woken when she came in? I checked my phone… no messages…

I went out onto the drive… her car was empty but locked… where was she? I checked all round the car in case she had fainted and looked down the cut beside our house and next door to see if she was there… No!!! If she had collapsed because she was ill she would be there, slumped beside the car, or on the lawn… Supposing she had parked up, got out of the car, and some ne’er-do-wells had seen her and abducted her!!!

I ran inside and checked round again and then ran upstairs – I’d messaged her several times but no response. My husband was just getting up as I got to the top of the stairs. I looked into her bedroom… and there she was… just dozing off to sleep but roused by my flinging the door open.

She looked up blearily and saw me standing anxiously in the doorway, worry painted on my face, her dad just behind me.

“Thank goodness you’re OK!” I blurted feeling almost faint with relief. “I thought you had been kidnapped!!”

She looked totally perplexed as she woke up. “Kidnapped? Why on earth did you think I’d been kidnapped?”

“I didn’t know where you were…” I began… and then realised how ridiculous it was… I must have been half asleep and dreaming!! I’d been so anxious – and I’m not usually an anxious person! How on earth could I have thought she had been abducted in broad daylight on our drive? It was ridiculous! Ludicrous!

We had a good laugh about it, but that uneasy and anxious feeling persisted for some time.

Will I wrote about it – as if a daughter really had been snatched away? No I will not!!

Now she texts me when she has arrived home, even though I am in bed in the room next to hers! Silly me!!


  1. david lewis

    I was waiting in my car to pick someone up at the train station once and dozed off. When the train entered the station it woke me with a start and my brain fooled me into thinking my car was running away backwards instead of the train moving in the other direction. I screamed and pounded away at the brake it was so real. I often wonder what that phenomena is called.

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