Flamingo night

Such fun last night! I knew I was going to have a good time – celebrating a friend’s birthday, with a gang of other friends including my three close writing chums, a great venue in town, tapas… and flamenco! We foolishly called it flamingo dancing, which amused us a lot, silly us! I’d made a birthday cake – which was an unexpected challenge (the first attempt went catastrophically wrong for some reason… in all my years of making birthday cake!!!) Will write more on this later…) we’d poshed up, we arrived at the place, Love’s Café in Weston, and went up to the mezzanine where the party was happening. All was set for a lovely evening, balloons, candles, and the smell of food cooking. The entertainment was going to be flamenco dancing.

I don’t know what the café was when it was first built over a hundred years ago, maybe even a hundred and fifty,, but it could have been a small chapel. The entertainment was taking place downstairs, so from the area we were partying we had a perfect view of the group, Flamenco Loco, and the dance floor. There were three performers, a singer and cajón and a floor drum, maybe a djembe… not really too sure, a flamenco (not flamingo) dancer, and a guitarist.  When I had seen live flamenco before (to be honest, the group were all English, and although very good they were very formal and there was only so much of it I fully enjoyed watching) I had been impressed but wasn’t necessarily wanting to see them again. So I thought that last night, I’d watch a couple for numbers and then sit back to enjoy the company.

However, Flamenco Loco were totally different, very engaging, and even though the music and singing sounded exotic and mysterious, it was moving, exciting, emotive even though i didn’t understand the language. The dancing was incredible! The dancer was Aneta Stuk and she was amazing, so powerful, so strong, so warm, so expressive, so fluid… gosh, I’m running out of adjectives. The hand movements reminded me of Indian dancers, and Buddhist mudra, her feet moved like lightening, her body was lithe and dramatic, her animated face conveyed different emotions, determination, severity, joy, fun…  as if she wasn’t just performing for other but really loving what she was doing! … and not a flamingo in sight!

As we watched we thought what a fabulous exercise flamenco would be, improving strength, flexibility, posture… we might even lose some weight! Aneta gives classes and workshops, so we’re going to see if there is one for hopelessly un-rhythmic folk, like us… watch this space!




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