Whatever happened?!!

I wrote a little earlier about the lovely birthday party I went to at a local café where there was a flamenco evening taking place as well. I offered to make the birthday cake, nothing too complicated – I can’t manage all the fancy icing and fabulous and clever decorations, but a chocolate cake with a gooey topping, yes, that I can do… I said confidently… you know all about what pride comes before…

I just used my standard recipe of 4, 4, 4 – butter, sugar, flour (with 1 part four replaced by 1 part cocoa) and 2 eggs. I multiplied the quantity as the cake was for a party, and I added my not so secret ingredient, Nutella. Last time I did it, this was the result:

The cake I was making for the birthday was going to be rectangular and easy to cut into slices for guests. I followed my usual way of doing things, creaming butter and sugar, adding eggs and flour, a couple of spoonfuls of Nutella, into the greased and lined tin, into the oven…

… and it just would not cook… the outsides did but the middle was still gooey… and after another twenty minutes, just as gooey, and after another half an hour (covered so the top wouldn’t catch) it was still like a quagmire, and then after more time on low… just a load of goo… I took it out and let it cool… it was like liquid fudge… it tasted sort of alright, but there was no way it could be cut into slices…

Back to the beginning and start again. I missed out the Nutella and just did my ordinary chocolate cake recipe… and oh phew, it worked!! See my featured image!!!

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