Trying a little more

Yesterday I looked back at ideas I had in 2018 to try and be more ecological in our everyday lives. Beth Terrance, who is an inspiration and a leader in changing our world for the good and freeing ourselves from the plastic which not only enslaves us, but which damages our precious planet, maybe permanently. Last year I picked out the first sixteen suggestions, and considered how many I already followed, how many were not applicable, and noted some which were not practical.

Here are the next on her – and my list – * means we already do this, n/a means not applicable to us – but maybe useful for others::

  • Learn to love the bulk bins; there are not many local places with bulk buys available. There are only the three of us at home, and I have begun to resist bulk buys of many items because we just don’t consume sufficient for it to be worth it. However, for some items such as rice and pasta we already do this. *n/a
  • Choose plastic-free chewing gum – we don’t chew gum n/a
  • Clean with vinegar and water – lemon juice maybe, but vinegar, I’m sorry, no I just can’t abide the taste or the smell
  • Baking soda is a fantastic scouring powder – hmmm, I must try!.
  • Use powdered dishwasher detergent in a cardboard box – not practical – I bought a big box of good quality detergent and it just clogs into lumps , gets stuck in the tray, clings to clothes. It was a waste because it didn’t do the job!
  • Hand wash dishes without plastic – yes I am trying to do this every day rather than shove everything in the dishwasher. *
  • Use natural cleaning cloths and scrubbers instead of plastic scrubbers and synthetic sponges – yes!! I bought some from the milkman and they are excellent quality and do the job brilliantly! *
  • Wash clothes with homemade laundry soap and stain removers – not convinced on this one, not sure it wouldn’t be more expensive and not as good as the products I use.
  • Use natural rubber gloves – I didn’t know there were such things, I will try and find some but for the most part I wash up with my waterproof hands!.
  • Check labels of personal care products! Sorry… I wouldn’t know what I was looking for and I already use bar soap and shampoo and not many other products
  • Switch to bar soap instead of liquid soap – yes I do and have done for years. *
  • Give up shampoo in plastic bottles yes I have, I use shampoo bars. *
  • Try hair salves and pomades in metal tins or glass jars. _ I don’t use any of these… does pomade still exist? Is it still a thing? n/a
  • Colour hair with henna purchased without plastic packaging n/a
  • Baking soda is the best deodorant EVER – – I will try but it sounds horrible.
  • Try solid shave soap instead of canned shave cream – I must try to convince husband, but not sure he will!

Here is a link to Beth Terry’s page. There are loads of great ideas but for normal people on a normal income with busy lives, many of them are just impossible, however willing and desirous people are to be plastic-free.



  1. emilygoeseco

    I noticed that you said you didn’t like the smell of vinegar in your post, and I was wondering if you have tried diluting the vinegar in water and adding essential oils. I use an orange essential oil and give the mixture a good shake prior to use, and I don’t notice a vinegar-y smell.

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