Quarter pound cake

I’ve heard of pound cakes, and i think I may have eaten some, but never made one. A pound cake is so called because each of the ingredients weighs a pound. The recipe I’m looking at which is about  ninety years old is more modest, it’s only a quarter of a pound which is probably quite enough these days. In the past if you had a big family, or lots of neighbours dropping round then I guess having a big cake at the ready was perfect. I had thought a pound cake contained dried fruit – maybe some recipes do, but this one doesn’t. I think I shall make it for my writing group who are meeting here at home tomorrow.

Pound cake – actually, a quarter pound cake!

  • ¼ lb flour
  • ¼ lb sugar
  • ¼ lb margarine
  • ¼ lb eggs weighed in their shell, cracked, separated, whites whisked to a stiff froth
  • zest of 1 orange and 1 lemon
  • a little milk to mix
  • nice cups of tea as required to serve!
  1. cream the sugar and margarine until  pale and fluffy
  2. stir in each yolk separately and beat well
  3. stir in flour and zest, add a little milk if necessary
  4. fold in the egg whites
  5. pour into a small cake tin (7″ I guess!) and bake at 325º F, 160º C, gas mark 3 for about 45 mins, lowering temperature if the cake is getting to dark on the top
  6. serve with a nice cup of tea

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