A different recipe for chocolate cake

Like lots of us, my mum collected recipes cut out from newspapers and magazines, written on scraps of paper from friends and relations and the little free leaflets and booklets fridge and cooker manufacturers used to give out, as did products such as Stork margarine and Spiller’s Flour. She began to stick them in a book, and after she died i stuck some more in, but I still have a whole box full which i have yet to attend to.

I was looking through her book and came across an interesting recipe for what sounds a rather posh chocolate cake. My old standby is hers, 4 oz butter/margarine, 4 oz sugar, 3 oz self-raising flour, 1 oz cocoa, 2 eggs, and it rarely fails (except a couple of times recently for no accountable reason) I think mum might have got this other recipe from her sister who went to cookery classes – for fun not because she couldn’t cook! This recipe is slightly daunting because it has no flour and no fat… so the cake should be as light as a feather! A very chocolatey feather….

A different chocolate cake

  • 6 large eggs, separated
  • 5 oz castor sugar, warmed
  • 2 oz cocoa sieved
  • ½ pt whipping cream to fill, well whipped
  1. whisk together yolks, cocoa and sugar
  2. whisk whites to stiff peaks
  3. add 2 tbsp whisked white to the yolk mixture, stir in
  4. fold the yolk mixture into the remaining whites with a metal spoon
  5. pour into 2 8inch sandwich tins, greased and lined
  6. cook for 25 mins at 350º F, 180º C, gas mark 4
  7. cool in the tins for 5 mins
  8. turn out onto rack and emove paper
  9. fill with whipped cream, decorate as you like (maybe a dusting of icing sugar?)

I must check, but the mixture sounds like Swiss roll mixture! My featured image is of another choc cake i made…

…and so is this!

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