For sale to rent

We went to look at a flat… It was on the other side of the town, on the hillside, looking out over the other rooftops to sea. It was a first floor flat, but because it was on the side of the hill, it had an entrance straight in of the road round the back of the ground floor entrance to the other flat, it felt as if it was on the level.

I’ve written about it before, how charming it is, about a hundred and fifty or so years old but solid; an attractive property from the outside, quirky within. There was a small wrap-around garden, very overgrown, a small exterior storage space outside and a useful cloakroom as you entered. Up a short flight of stairs into  large almost circular hall. This would have made a wonderful and welcoming dining area, light coming in from the window by the door, as well as from the other rooms.

There were two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and sitting room; many of the large windows (with window seats) looked out across the town; the rooms were quirky shapes with odd cupboards and strange shelves and period fireplaces and surrounds, sash windows, wide window sills and coving. Some old wallpaper was still on the walls, showing it must have been a fashionable and lovely home in the 1950’s or whenever it was decorated. The floors were all wooden, and you could see where there had been a carpet in the middle and the floors polished round the edges – too expensive to carpet the whole of the floor in those days.

We hd looked round this lovely place before; it’s coming up for auction and we knew there would be a lot of people viewing and we knew that many if not most of them would be buying this flat not to live in but to do up and rent or sell. It seemed so sad someone was not buying it because they loved it and wanted to live in it (like we did) and that it would be treated as just a way to make money. There are so many young people desperate to have their own home, desperate to get a foot on the property ladder and are unable to do so because people buy up properties (even new-builds) just to rent.

There were a lot of other people looking round with greedy eyes, and we sadly looked round and then quietly left.

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