Nearly time for the Italian slices

My aunty was a keen cook but her speciality was desserts and cakes; to be honest her other dishes were a little bland as she didn’t like seasoning, onions, garlic, and many spices. Her puddings however were always spectacular, with lots of everything delicious, fruit, nuts, cream, chocolate – lots of chocolate. So when it was Christmas party time she really went to town, with more than even the most dedicated gourmand could enjoy. I am not a great one for sweet things for the most part, but something she made which I really enjoyed was her Italian chocolate slices. She would make them well in advance of the party and freeze them; one year we forgot to take them out in time, and I had t dive into the freezer as all the family milled about. They went straight onto the table, frozen, and I have to say they were even better like that!

here they are – I have shared the recipe before, but you may not want to trawl through all my food stories:

Italian chocolate slices

  • ½ milk chocolate
  • 2 oz magarine
  • 4 oz castor sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 4 oz desiccated coconut
  • 2 oz chopped glacé cherries
  • 2 oz sultanas or currants
  1. melt chocolate in a bowl over hot water and spread on a greased Swiss roll tin and leave to set
  2. cream sugar and margarine and gradually add all the other ingredients
  3. spread over the chocolate, and bake at gas mark 2, 160°C, 325°F, for about 35 mins
  4. mark into slices while still warm and cut when cold

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