Not so quiet down the pub tonight

We wandered down to the Dolphin at about ten, our usual time. It was a milder night, the bitter wind had dropped and although there was drizzle in the air it didn’t worry us. Usually Sunday night is quiet, just us and the two T’s our friends Tim and Trev, and maybe a few people down the other end. However one T was away in Devon, the other on a mini-cruise, so we had expected to be the only ones down “our end”. However, in the bar we usually sit in there was a gang of folk having a jolly time. We knew one of them, others might have been slightly familiar, but the others were strangers to us.

We went to sit in what we call the cross benches, the seats and tables between to the bars. One of the staff, not on duty tonight was sitting at the bar with some chicken wings and other snacks. We exchanged greetings, and sat with our beer. Before long a third T, Terry wandered in and as well as his pint he sampled the chicken wings. There were a few people in the other bar, but it was pretty quiet compared to last ime we were in, a couple of nights ago, when there was a repeat of the latest football game between Scotland and Cyprus. Then there had been a great deal of excitement as one of the bar staff is Cypriot and was cheering on his team. Unfortunately they lost after a questionable goal was allowed.

So tonight we shared a bag of crisps, supped our beer, chatted to each other and Terry and the people at and behind the bar and after a pleasant evening, wandered out int the mild but drizzly night


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