Very quiet down the pub tonight

We were a little delayed going down to the pub tonight, our usual Sunday night visit to meet up wit our friends the two T’s, Trev and Tim. I was delighted to receive a phone cal from my cousin at about a quarter to nine and as usual we had so much to say to each other, so much news to catch up on, that somehow the time drifted and we set out for the Dolphin a little later than our usual Sunday night visit.

Earlier today, out walking the dog at lunchtime-ish, we had passed the pub and had to wait as several different parties had gone in, all looking forward, no doubt to their Sunday roast! The Dolphin does serve an exceptionally good Sunday lunch! However,  eight hours later when we drifted in to be greeted enthusiastically by pub dog Sim, it seemed there was only us and Leighton in – in the whole pub, apart from Alice the landlady. I vaguely remembered that on T was away and the other T had something else planned. We didn’t mind, the Dolphin is such a friendly pub than even in isolation we didn’t feel lonely, especially with two pints of Otter and Sim to keep us company.

As usual we had plenty to chat about to each other, catching up with news, chatting about recent events we’d been to, life, the universe and everything so being on our own with two pints of beer a bag of crisps and a packet of Twiglets – oh and Sim, was a pleasant way to spend an evening. Leighton departed and a third T, Terry. arrived and perched on a bar stool.

Eventually, beer drunk, last orders passed, it was time to head home and so we did, up the deserted High Street, still chatting about this and that.

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