What a happy sockmas

I think I have mentioned once or twice that I really like socks; there are few things more pleasing than lovely socks – ok, actually there are lots of things but in terms of small happinesses, socks must be pretty near the top of the list. This year I received not an advent calendar, but 12 days of socks! Advent calendars – a visual way of counting down to Christmas through Advent, date from the middle of the nineteenth century. Advent is the time leading up to Christmas Day and starts from the fourth Sunday before Christmas. It originally was a religious period, but now it has become secularised, just as Christmas has for many if not most people. Advent calendars had pictures at first – and when i was a child, ours did. The front of the calendar was a Christmas scene, the three kings, or the shepherds in the fields, that sort of thing; there were twenty-four little doors which could be open to reveal a Christmas image – non-religious with our calendars, a gift, a bell, a star, a tree, an angel, a sheep etc, and on the twenty-fifth a nativity scene was revealed. These days the pictures are more likely to be a Father Christmas than the Holy Family! Most Advent calendars have little gifts, usually chocolate, but these days anything from small bottles of whisky or gin to cheese. In my case I had socks!

Each door in my sockmas calendar revealed a new pair and a funny joke… and having a feeble sense of humour I did chuckle over most of them! Here are the first six:

  • Why can’t you make clothes out of cheese? Because fromage frays! 😀
  • Who is never hungry at Christmas? The turkey – he’s always stuffed! 🙂
  • What cheese do you use to disguise a small horse? Marscapone! XD
  • Why shouldn’t you play cards in the jungle? There are too many cheetahs! 🙂
  • What goes up when the rain comes down? Umbrellas! 😉
  • What training do you need to be a litter collector? None, you just pick it up as you go along! 🙂

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