I shared the exciting news yesterday that I had one a lovely wheel of cheese from the Welsh Cheese Company; my prize was Tintern, a soft cheddar style cheese with chives, onions and shallots. As soon as it arrived we had the cheese knife at the ready, and after sampling it neat we had it with biscuits and in sandwiches and then tried some other recipes.

Cheese on toast, just simple cheese on toast… but it has to be the right sort of cheese to melt in the right way to give that oozing lusciousness and not be too greasy, and have a nice little golden toasted top. Tintern is exactly that right sort of cheese to make a simply simple cheese on toast! As you may know if you come here often, I really love salads, and use all sorts of different ingredients as well as the conventional lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions etc. I love the textures nuts and seeds give, and croutons, or torn up toast, or stale bread, and fruit of all sorts, and oils, vinegars, mayonnaise, sweet chilli sauce… so many different things to give a twist as Masterchef contestants are always saying.

Before Christmas for the family party I made a Red Riding Hood which is layers of ingredients topped with pomegranate seeds – Miss Riding Hood’s cape. It was popular, and I liked the way as you took a spoonful you had an even variety of things on your plate. Using the layer idea I made a Tintern salad; because it was only for one, i.e. me, the ingredients were more sprinkled than layered, but it worked really well with lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, celery, red peppers and then the cheese cut in small cubes. I dressed it with pomegranate molasses and olive oil, and a dollop of mayonnaise (which I will probably omit next time) and dusted with paprika. I was really pleased with it, and might do a Red Riding Hood version for this year’s Christmas party!

Here is the cheese on toast – and more recipes tomorrow!:



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