Mmmmm Tintern!

I first knew Tintern as a small village on the River Wye which has a ruined abbey, founded on 9 May 1131 (so precise) surrendered to Henry VIII’s ‘visitors’ September 3rd 1536 as part of the dissolution of the monasteries. However, more recently I have become very well acquainted with the deliciousness of Tintern…

I entered a competition organised by the Welsh Cheese Company which has a selection of over sixty (yes 60), delicious Welsh cheeses which can be delivered to you through the post. As you can imagine with that number of cheeses there is every imaginable type and flavour, to suit anyone’s taste, cow, goat, sheep, unpasteurised – and of every type, hard, soft, blue, smoked and more! The competition was to say how you would use one of a small selection of their cheeses. Some people had said they would have their cheese in a ploughman’s lunch, some said they would have it grilled on toast or as a Welsh rarebit. I had a think and it seemed to me that Tintern – a delicious soft Cheddar flavoured with chives, shallots and onions would be perfect in a favourite recipe I often do on the family holiday when we have left over jacket potatoes:

Tintern jackets (as they will forever be called)

  • left over jacket potatoes, cut in half, flesh scooped out so shells of teh skins remain whole
  • Tintern cheese – as much as you think is lovely, grated if the cheese is firm enough (maybe pop it in the fridge for a little while) or cut into small chunks
  • mayonnaise
  • optional sweet chilli sauce (but not too much even if you like it)
  • paprika and black pepper
  1. mash the scooped out potato with as much mayo as you need to make it smooth but not runny, you want texture, add less if you’re using the sweet chilli sauce
  2. add the Tintern cheese and really mix in well, add the black pepper
  3. pile the potato mix back into the skins and press down fairly well
  4. put a little more cheese on top and dust with paprika
  5. put into a hot oven for about 15-20 mins, to heat through, melt the cheese and get a little  brown on top and bubbly and nice
  6. delicious with almost anything

I’ve done this recipes so many times and it’s always very tasty and popular – and it was obviously popular with the Welsh Cheese Company because I won!! Yes I won!! I was so thrilled and delighted, and even more thrilled and very excited when my prize arrived:

Look at that lovely cheese!!

Rather carelessly cut – I was very eager to try it… And it’s so good!! Over the next little while I will share the different ways we’ve been enjoying it, apart from in sandwiches, on biscuits, by itself…

Thank you very much Welsh Cheese Company!!!

You can find them here:




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