Grubby handbag linings and rain spots on velvet

I mentioned my muddy socks the other day, and the suggestions for cleaning mud from items at the end of my 1920’s/30’s Modern Practical Cookery.. We tend to think of marks on clothes as marks and just throw them into the wash with our modern detergents. There are products for specific stains, for example Dr Beckmann’s have over forty remedies for “red wine, curry, pasta sauce, pen ink, butter, cooking oil, fat, fruit juice, berries… plus many more”. Could Modern Practical Cookery compete?

  1. alcohol
  2. blood
  3. candle-grease
  4. chocolate
  5. coffee
  6. creosote on cotton
  7. creosote on tweed
  8. custard
  9. dye stains on white materials
  10. dye stains on coloured silk
  11. fingermarks
  12. fruit
  13. ginger wine
  14. grass
  15. ice cream
  16. ironmould
  17. ink
  18. red ink
  19. marking ink
  20. jam
  21. the inside of a grubby handbag
  22. sea water
  23. grease
  24. grease on brown leather shoes
  25. mildew
  26. milk
  27. moss
  28. mud stains on velveteen
  29. mud stains on silk
  30. oil
  31. oxidised door handles
  32. paint
  33. paraffin
  34. perspiration
  35. port wine
  36. rainspots – not on roses but on velour
  37. rainspots on velvet
  38. rainspots on satin
  39. rain marks on lizard shoes
  40. scorches
  41. scorch marks on silk
  42. sea water
  43. sea water on coloured stockinette material
  44. shine (remove it by brushing, apparently)
  45. soot
  46. tarnish
  47. tar
  48. tea
  49. tea stains on mahogany
  50. transfer marks
  51. verdigris
  52. vinegar
  53. water
  54. hot water stains

Who could possibly imagine so many different difficulties for an early twentieth century housewife!

By the way, the insides of those grubby leather handbags – “if lined with smooth leather, could be painted with leather stain to get rid of the marks. If the lining is of material it could either be washed or a new lining put in.”

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