Nice enough – but not guacamole!

I really love guacamole but I don’t buy avocados at the movement – so very expensive and either unripe and won’t ripen, or sold as ripe and are black inside, are I buy them to ripen at home and they remain like green bricks until suddenly in a twinkling of an eye they are mush. I saw mention that people are making guacamole with courgettes – either adding them to avocado to make the expensive fruit go further, or replacing them altogether. In my mind that isn’t actually guacamole, delish though it might be it is definitely a dip!

I had a courgette so i thought i would make a dip and see if it is anything like guac – maybe it was the recipe I used but it really was nothing at all like the g-word. Guacamole is creamy and even when it’s chunky it’s still smooth, and full of lovely flavours. My dip was quite wet, and the flavour took some finding although I did discover it in the end!

I have now seen recipes which instruct the courgettes to be cooked – again, for me a guacamole is an uncooked dish, fresh, lovely, tasty, with bright flavours. However, maybe i will try making a cooked courgette dip and see what that is like – I’m not optimistic to be honest!

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