So last night I went to the pub

So last night I went to the pub – In actual fact I went to two pubs. Was I being foolish, putting myself and others at risk? I have no idea, but how can we ever know? All sorts of things I and others do might be inadvertently dangerous.

I went to th New Inn at Kewstoke to deliver some posters for my husband’s band’s gig with his band the Lemon Sharks. When we arrived it was heaving and setting up down the far end was a young band – three young chaps, two guitars and a drummer, a young woman on keyboard, and an older bloke on bass guitar. Unfortunately we had to leave before we heard them play but as they tuned up and sound checked they sounded good!

We headed back to our village and dropped into the Dolphin to meet a friend and the pub was fairly busy, plenty of friends meeting up, people we knew and people we didn’t. The young chap we had gone to meet was there with friends and after a while he arrived at our table and we spent a very pleasant, interesting and lovely evening with him. Eventually it was time to drift home, so drift home we did.

There is a world panic at the moment, and who knows what is the best advice to follow. We all do what we think best, and think to be safest and sensible. So we went to the pub.




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