A different sort of pub quiz

Tuesday night is pub quiz night, but of course these days we live in a different world. However, the quiz was going ahead and we drifted down. Some of our team were absent, the ice-creams had had a mishap and were staying home and our South African chums although back in the UK were unavailable, so we were fortunate that a couple of our other friends were able to make up a team. We did have a team, but then one deserted to become the quiz master… fair enough, for a change the usual caller was able to take part!

There were very few other people in the pub, in fact there were only four, possibly three teams taking part, and one was a team of one. Despite that there was a great atmosphere and a lot of banter between us in our usual end of the pub. and the others in what we call the cross-benches, the seats between either end. After round one in which we got scores of 18/25 but no winner, one of our number left us as a team of two but we carried on, and continued to have much fun and silly jokes.

The quiz is a bingo quiz, the 25 answers to the 25 questions are written on a grid 5×5, and when they are read out if there is a line of correct ones horizontally, diagonally, vertically or four corners, we yell out ‘Dolphin’ and the first to do so gets a prize. Then we continue with the answer and the highest score gets the main prize. This means everyone has a change of getting something, and we got a line! As there were so few teams it was only 3″ but who cares, it was a prize!

It was a great evening, but sadly will probably be the last for some time.


    1. Lois

      It is, but not drastically yet. The streets are much quieter, the traffic is less and I think this will be the last pub visit for quite a while. Stay safe, Lynnee xx


  1. David Lewis

    If you were to write a novel about what is happening right now with this virus it would be considered science fiction and be a flop. All of our bars and cafes are shut, stores all closed and streets empty. Beer and liquor stores still open for now and if they close I expect rioting and looting. A living nightmare. Thank God my wife and I get along.

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    1. Lois

      Absolutely. The Dolphin closed last night, and the other pub in the village, the Ship. All cafés and restaurants are closed and I think only food shops are open. Strange times


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