Tuesday… afternoon tea time

Today we went out for afternoon tea – no particular reason, we just fancied cheering ourselves up with something lovely. A few years ago now I had a whole week of sharing posts about afternoon tea – the reason? It was Afternoon Tea Week! This is what i wrote for Tuesday:

As it is Tuesday today I wondered if there were any particular Tuesday treats which would be nice for today’s afternoon tea.

The name Tuesday comes from the ancient Germanic/Viking god Týr – many stories, myths and legends connected to him, but as far as I could find out, not cakes, pastries, scones or eclairs (well, of course not – I am being a bit silly) However I did find a popular and decadent sounding open sandwich on the menu in a Danish place whose name comes from Týr. There are quite a lot of Scandinavian places with links in their names, and on English one:

  • Tuesley, England – Tīw’s clearing
  • Tisvilde,  Denmark –  Týr’s spring
  • Tissø, ,Denmark – Týr’s lake
  • Thisted,  Denmark – Týr’s place”
  • Tiveden, Sweden – Týr’s wood
  • Tyrsjön (2) – Sweden – Tyr Lake

The open sandwich I found is actually found in lots of Danish places and lots of Danish menus (although I’ve never seen anyone eating one in any of the Danish crime dramas I watch!) It’s called ‘shooting star sandwich’ – wouldn’t that be just wonderful on an afternoon tea menu! However, it is often quite a large sandwich, more of a light meal really, but you could make a petite and delicate one – or lille og delikat as they might say in Denmark.

Here is a list of ingredients (everyone’s recipe seems different)  which you arrange beautifully on some buttered rye bread:

Stjerneskud  – shooting star open sandwich

  • fried filet of sole/plaice
  • smoked/cured  salmon/pickled herring
  • cod’s roe/caviar
  • prawns
  • asparagus
  • dill
  • lettuce
  • optional tomatoes
  • dressing/mayonnaise/marie rose sauce
  • lemon wedges

As with all ‘traditional’ recipes there seem a hundred and one different versions. If I’m ever lucky enough to go to Denmark, I shall see if I can find one!

Here’s a link to my ‘thing’ post:




    1. Lois

      Oh that is so totally up my street it’s almost on my doorstep!! Three yumptious things! I’ve only been to Denmark once, when i was sixteen,and very much liked it then. I do wonder if the Scandi in my DNA accounts for my love of this type of food… and herring is my favourite fish!


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