Angler’s treat and Hereford sparklers

Looking through my mum’s collection of recipes I came across a little leaflet about cooking trout. Trout – salmo trutta, the brown trout, is the most delicious of fish – much better than rainbow trout – oncorhynchus mykiss. My dad was a great fisherman, and I remember going up to stay with friends in Scotland with dad. He’d visited them many times before, but this was my first time. He used to fish in a little stream running along the back of their cottage in Dumfriesshire, but while I was there we were too busy doing other things. However, on the day we were due to leave he got up at about five to try and catch me a brown trout for breakfast. I was very excited at the thought of the freshest of fish to start my day, sadly the only one he caught was the size of a sardine, so he put it back to swim free.

My mum’s little leaflet was no doubt saved by her to actually use as they both loved fish. Angler’s Treat is a tomato stuffed with the smoked fish, tomato flesh, horseradish and hard-boiled egg yolks… I’m not sure how much of the trout you would taste, nor the egg yolks!

There was another recipe for Dated Trout, which sounded intersting, until I reread it and no dates at all – Oated trout – coated in rolled oats and cooked in butter! Here is the third recipe:

Hereford sparklers

  • 4 medium brown trout, heads removed and filleted
  • 4 oz sweetcorn
  • 2 oz breadcrumbs
  • mixed herbs, salt and pepper
  • 1 tomato, skinned and chopped
  • 6 tbsp sparkling Hereford cider
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  1. mix the sweetcorn, breadcrumbs, herbs, tomato, salt and pepper, lemon juice
  2. lay out each fillet and put equal amounts of stuffing mix on each, roll the ends over and lay in a shallow ovenproof dish
  3. pour in the sparkling cider, cover with buttered greaseproof paper
  4. bake about 20 mins, gas mark 5, 375º F, 190º C until cooked

I think this would be nice with crusty bread and salad – and a glass of Hereford cider if you like cider – I would have beer!

No pictures of trout or Hereford, but some nice water where a trout may be!



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