Extinct alma maters

I do actually contribute to another blog which I share with three other people – although it’s open to anyone to use as a platform to share their writing. One of my blogging chums came across a list of seventy-three suggestions for blog subjects and somehow we took it as a challenge and set to to write seventy-three blogs,. We weren’t rushing to do this, it wasn’t a race, and it was actually very interesting to write outside my comfort zone and tackle subjects I wouldn’t normally. W got through the first twenty-five, and decided to publish them as a short anthology. Busy with other writing projects we let the idea slip, but this year we thought we would start again. To be fair we did try – I think I wrote four or five, but to be honest the list began to be repetitive, dull, too many outside our experience and it slipped again. Then my fellow blogger came up with what was a very obvious answer to the problem – we would make our own list! Which we did – trying to be varied and challenging.

I haven’t started yet but I’m thinking about schools I attended. I came to a shocking realisation, every educational establishment I attended no longer exists! In one case, the building is still there but it’s a completely different place from when I was there… so

  • Milton Road Infants and Junior School – demolished in 2007 – even though it was classed as ‘a building of interest’ it was not listed. A new school with the same name was opened somewhere else.
  • The Cambridgeshire County High School for Girls – closed as a school in 1974 but continued as Long Road Sixth Form College for A-level students 16-18 yrs
  • The Grammar School Weston-super-Mare – it joined with the boys grammar school in 1971 and became a comprehensive school, renamed as Broadoak; the old buildings were pulled down (of no architectural worth!) and a splendid new school was built for 11-16 yr olds, now named Broadoak Academy
  • The College of Commerce, Manchester Polytechnic – I was in the first year intake of what was a new  Poly comprising different colleges including commerce, art, education established in 1969 – everything I’ve looked up says 1970, but it was 1969, the year I started there! In 1990, Manchester Polytechnic became Manchester Metropolitan University, known as MMU (or Micky Mouse University) A couple of years ago, the old College of Commerce building began to be redeveloped, and only a husk of the old place remains.

It’s as if my history has been wiped out… a profound thought…

Then I realised that the topic wasn’t about schools I’d attended, but houses I have lived in!

My featured image is of dear old Milton Road school before an act of civic vandalism destroyed it.

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