Clearing up the mishmop

From talking to my writing friends I know it often happens to them the same as it happens to me, that they jot things down one way or anther, forget, open the notebook, find the list, come across a draft of something and have absolutely no idea what it means, what was intended, or any idea at all of the context. I save drafts here, bits and pieces that i start to write then don’t complete, I have an app for jotting notes which pinpoints them to a time and location, I have a notes app for just that – making/taking notes.

I was looking through my draft blogs here, and came across this remarkable bullet-pointed list and I have absolutely no recollection of making it, or what I was thinking – it seems like things I overheard, or maybe dreamt. I do have a very vague memory of a noisy filter I had on my fish tank which sometimes seemed to enunciate words – did i write down some of this fish tank gibberish? It’s the only thing I can think of!

There are some stunning phrases – clearing up the mishmop, the time is absolute, keep on fire-dancing and of course, Moire! Moire!

Here are the first nine:

  1. I didn’t get to the country
  2. Clearing up the mishmop
  3. Just let me know if you want to take it on
  4. Anyone who comes in for it
  5. Can’t be good for the country
  6. Moire, Moire!
  7. Three hundred million pounds
  8. The time is absolute
  9. Keep on fire-dancing

I am going to challenge myself to write something which includes all these jottings… goodness knows what it will be, short story, play, novel… I’m as mystified as anyone! Moire! Moire!

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