Never heard of bread pudding

Several years ago, on the annual family Easter holiday – sadly not happening this year of course one of my cousins brought an interesting offering in her cake tin. We always make cakes to bring with us – to have as desert, to take as snacks or picnics, and to have with the many cups of tea we have. I was going to have made an orange and apricot drizzle cake this year, bust I will just ave to make it for my little home family.

The cake on offer was what you might call a tray bake, was brown and golden with twinkles of sugar and fruit peeping through the surface. It looked very tempting and as my cousin makes fabulous cakes (it’s a family gift!) I was looking forward to trying some and asked what it was. Bread pudding  she told me. I ad never heard of bread pudding – bread and butter pudding to have as a dessert, but bread pudding?

My cousin was amazed I didn’t know what it was, but it’s bread pudding, you know, bread pudding!  she kept saying, and the other cousins, her brothers and sister seemed equally amazed. Our mums were sisters and very close, and they shard most recipes although obviously some of the ways they followed them differed. For example, lemon drizzle cakes – mum made a lemon syrup and poured it over the cake so it soaked in, my aunty sprinkled the top of the cake with sugar, then drizzled the lemon juice on to make a crunchy top.

Mum never made bread pudding which is why I had never heard of it, and I had never come across it anywhere else either – although lots of people have, in fact most people have! It’s a way of using stale bread; when we were growing up, food was hardly ever actually thrown away – every left-over could be made into something else Delicious. Stale bread at home was made into bread and butter pudding – sliced, buttered, layered in a baking dish with a good sprinkling of dried fruit, eggs, sugar and milk beaten together and poured over, left to soak then baked in the oven!

Now for some reason we have stale bread, so not wishing to throw it away as it would be wasteful, I suddenly thought of bread pudding. I will have a go at making it tomorrow, and will report back!

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