After writing about the Mouli grater yesterday, I went and found the one I inherited from my mum. I was going to just take a photo but then i was inspired to use it. I was making a ham, cheese and tomato omelette and decided to use the Mouli instead of my normal box grater. I needed cheese for inside the omelette then to sprinkle over the top and thought that the Mouli was a bit small for the quantity of cheese i needed.

I cut off a small chunk and put it into the grater, bent the clamp thing onto the cheese to hold it against the grating rotating drum, and remembered how easy it was to hold, and use. I began to turn the handle to rotate the grating bit and a thin  web of cheese began to float down onto the plate. I kept turning and the cheese kept finely grating and i remembered writing yesterday that it was very economical and made a small piece of cheese go a long way, and it certainly did! I stopped before I’d grated all the chunk reflecting that this would be a good way of saving money! With the box grater you grate much more, and it doesn’t seem to go as far!

Here is how I made the omelette, sorry there are no pictures, it got eaten!

Ham, cheese and tomato omelette

  • 2 eggs, a little salt and pepper to taste, well beaten with a couple of spoons of cold water added
  • 2 slices of ham cut into small squares
  • 1 oz cheese grated with a Mouli
  • 6 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • a little bit of oil/fat for frying
  1. lightly fry the ham, taking care it doesn’t catch on the bottom
  2. fry the tomato halves, both sides
  3. when the ham is ready, gently pour the eggs into the pan, swirling round a little to distribute the ham
  4. arrange  the tomatoes cut side up on the omelette – if you’re fussy remove the skins, they should slide off easily
  5. sprinkle most of the cheese over the whole thing but keep a little back
  6. if it’s taking a while to set (you don’t want the heat on high) then flash the omelette under the grill for just a few seconds, literally just a few, to set the top
  7. gently fold the omelette in half and sprinkle the rest of the cheese over it then again flash it under the grill and the cheese should melt in seconds as it’s so fine
  8. put onto a warmed plate and eat with toast – if you like, otherwise eat it on its own!

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