What did I mean?

Lots if not most writers take notes, jot down ideas, carry a book to scribble stuff in, have a diary, make lists… I actually don’t, it’s all in my head until i write down an actual thing, which might be a chapter, or a few pages, putting my ideas in some sort of context. Every so often I think that really i ought to take the advice of other writers – some of them famous published authors, and actually note down ideas which come to me, or observations, or things I overhear in a passing snatch of conversation.

The only problem with this splendid idea, is that when later i come across said lists, notes, jottings, scribbles I very rarely have the least idea why thy were significant, or what i intended with them. A few days I shared some of these random and ultimately meaningless jottings which I came across in a list. Here are the  remaining nine, and I just cannot imagine what I was going to write from them:

  1. Right down to Cornwall
  2. I ended up at the cathedral
  3. An original play on words
  4. We’re all going home
  5. Chilly bomb
  6. A fine young man
  7. You ain’t getting mine
  8. Put your teeth int’it
  9. It just made me scream

Here’s a link to the other mishmops:


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