The lark has fled

When people ask if I’m an owl or a lark, I used to say both. I stayed up late at night and woke early in the morning. To be honest, I did need an alarm clock to wake me, which I did quickly and was bright and ready to go within just a few minutes. As far as the owl part went, I always feel very alert and awake late at night, my mind is active and i write a lot, and then always have to read before I settle to sleep. Even when I’ve closed my book and turned off the light my mind remains awake for a while when i do more plotting – for my book, not for any sinister reason! Sleeping, I was always able to wake and be awake if I needed, so when the children were small and called out, or when they were older and abroad in different time zones, i was alert even when sleeping to any messages.

I really believe that for some people, twenty-four hours is a too short a time span – I need more hours awake than is possible, say  20 hours, then a 5-7 hour sleep. I’m not like my dad who only needed about four hours sleep and would wake as alert as a lert, and as fresh as the proverbial daisy, but if I try to go to bed early, I’m just awake for hours.

Somehow something has changed. I still remain owlish, but I now need more sleep, and also, sleeping I am deep, deep into slumber, sleeping through alarms, the radio, phones ringing, dogs barking – and when i wake I take ages to come to and feel as if I’m in a warm fluffy fog where everything is blurry and muffled. What has happened to my lark? Where has she gone? I wish she would return because as there actually is only 24 real hours in the day I’m getting totally out of sync with myself. I can’t blame it on our present strange situation, this has been going on for about a year! Come back lark! I’m missing you, owl is missing you, he feels out of balance in your absence!

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