When you’ve not seen someone for a while…

Today after what seemed like several eons, but was really only three long months, we met up with our son. We were all so happy to be together again but it was as if we’d never been apart! It was similar when daughter was in the USA for a year; we waved her cheerio in September and didn’t see her again until the following May when we visited her in New Jersey. We’d not seen her for so long but it was instantly back to as if we’d seen her the previous day!!

I’d been thinking about meeting family and friends after not seeing them for a while, and how lovely it is when the months or years between just vanish in a twinkling. Facebook throws up old photos, such and such happened so many years ago from today, and there was a picture of me and a dear school friend who I’d last seen when I was sixteen. She’s Dutch and lives in the Netherlands and several (well more than that, actually) on our annual visit to other friends we dropped in to see her. Two ladies of a certain age, and suddenly we were the naughty schoolgirls we’d been a lifetime ago.

That’s the thing with real friends, they are always friends! I’ve told the story here before of a girl who came to our school for just a short time, maybe only a term! We connected straight away and just seemed so in tune with each other and had so much fun. Her family moved back to Israel and in those days without email, social networking we couldn’t keep in touch as neither knew the other’s address. Then just a few years ago, after wondering about her and her life ever since I was fourteen, we did find each other! After all that time, when we met again, the years just fell away!

I have other friends who I have kept in contact with over the years, even if we don’t meet very often, and it amazes me ho whatever it was that made us friends as children, is still there between us now, however differently our lives have been!

I think these days we are the most fortunate people that we can keep in touch with distant friends and family; my children are in good contact with friends they were at junior school with, a school they left when they were seven and nine! I often think about my school friends from such a young age and wonder if we’d still have anything in common? My featured image is of my class when we were eleven, no doubt before we left Milton Road Junior School in Cambridge and went our different ways

How pleased we were to find each other!! Me and my dear friend, the painter Yael Minkoff:



  1. Isabel

    I went to visit my best friend from secondary school in 2017. She emigrated to New Zealand just after she married in1970. I hadn’t seen her for nearly47 years yet we picked up as jf we’d seen each other last week. We were young married and now we’re both widows and grandma’s, but we still laugh at the same things.

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