Being absent-minded

Being absent-minded is frustrating, but I do try to see the funny side of it, and even though they get very exasperated, my family do try to see the funny side too! 

It’s important to wear face-masks at the moment; some people disagree and I think they are wrong, but that’s not for here. My problem is that I keep forgetting to bring mine with me; if I keep it in the car so I can wear it to go shopping, I forget to take it out when I’m going out with my daughter. If I keep it in my pocket, I might not have the item of clothing with the correct pocket, and go out innocently, search for my mask and there it isn’t. I no longer carry a bag – the number of times I’ve left bags places/lost them/mislaid them came home without them… I once went to a public loo in town and hung my bag on the hook on the back of the door. Luckily a kind lady found it and caught up with me by the hand dryers.

I’ve tried keeping my mask in a particular place at home, in various  drawers, on the mantelpiece, in the bedroom… I’m sure the boggart keeps tidying them away for me! (A boggart is a house sprite whose intentions are good but isn’t always as helpful as s/he intends – tidying away things into the wrong places!!)

This morning we were going shopping and I got my mask from its new place, the drawer in my bedside table. As we were leaving the house, husband asked if I had my mask and no! Somehow I hadn’t! I ran upstairs, it wasn’t in the drawer/on the bed/on the chest of drawers/in another drawer/in the bathroom/in my writing room… so maybe I’d brought it downstairs but no, it wasn’t on the mantle piece/by the front door/in the kitchen/in the downstairs bathroom/on the dining room table/in any drawer… by which time I knew husband would be getting impatient in the car. 

I would just have to go with him but not go into the shops. Luckily, not only did he have his mask with him, he had a spare one in the car, so from that point of view all was well. Home from shopping, goods put away, and I looked again for my mask. The boggart must have really tidied it away well.

Daughter came home from work and went to get changed out of her uniform.

“Mum, why is your mask on my bed?”

Then I remembered. My daughter has six work shirts, and during her days off I’d washed them. I’d ironed three and had three which were left for next time the ironing board was out. Last night daughter was looking for her clean shirts… but they had disappeared… Good grief!! Where had I put them? I knew I’d ironed three and thought I’d given them to her. I ironed one of the others so all was well, but where were the ones I’d ironed! Daughter hadn’t got them, they weren’t put away anywhere else… good grief, what a lot of time I waste because of my absent-mindedness…

Before we had gone out this morning, I was thinking more about the shirts than my mask, feeling guilty I’d somehow mislaid them. I would check everywhere again, even in daughter’s room… and do you know what? They were in an ironing pile which she hadn’t put away!! Is being absent-minded inheritable?!


  1. Isabel

    Why not have more than one mask so you have a chance of finding one? I have 3 which Ian made me from some old pillowcases and elastic I sent him I keep one in a coat pocket, one in my shopping bag and one in the car.

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  2. Tooty Nolan

    I sprinkle them everywhere – particularly inside the car. I keep a couple in the door pockets, several in the glove box, one on the passenger seat, two on the rear seats, and a whole bunch of them inside the rear hatch. And still I waltz off from the parking lot mask-free – only to scurry back to the car when I notice everyone else wearing masks. You are not alone!

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