More from a dog’s life

What-ho! Reg here! Sorry I’ve been out of touch, loyal reader, but it’s been a dog’s life here. So what news do I have? Well a few walks ago, in fact quite a lot of walks ago, me and Old Grumps were setting off on our usual circuit, down the road, round the corner and then past the field with the curly coated woolly dogs who eat grass. They seem to have a dull  life, and haven’t even perked up with the arrival of some some brown hairy dogs with horns – the hairy-horned dogs don’t seem very interested in anything either and they eat grass too. Rum lot if you asks me.

Anyways, we was off on our jaunt, past the garden with the stationary cats with shiny eyes. Old Grumps says they’re not real, but you can’t be too careful, they might just be pretending to be not real. We was just heading along when a lady opened her car door and out jumped the most beautiful bitch you ever did see. Well I was quite bowled over, even though Old Grumps was trying to get me away. She was saying I gets boisterous and I always wants to play and then I gets silly and barky. Talk about slander!

“Hello,” says the bitch, wagging her tail and trying to get to greet me properly and politely. Then I realised, she actually said “Salut prietene!” ‘hello friend’ in the old way humans spoke before I went on the long journey.

“Salut! Ești din celălalt loc! – You’re from the other place!!” I barked, so happy to be barking in my mother-bark.

Meanwhile Old Grumps and the lady was chatting away, saying we was rescue dogs whatever that means, I know she always says she wants to rescue Dad’s slipper and gives me a treat. Meanwhile this beauty and I was introducing ourselves and having a bit of a dance; she’s called Francesca but her lady calls her Frankie, and I told her I’m Rege but Mummy calls me Reggie. While we was barking, our humans decided we would go to have a walk together on the beach.

Well, friends, what a great time we had, and Frankie/Francesca could run as fast if not faster than me. I was pretty exhausted by the time Old Grumps said it was time to go. She told me I was a very good boy and gave me a load of treats, so all in all it was a good day.

That’s about all my news, so I’ll woof off now, and report back again soon.

La revedere pentru acum, as we say in our mother-bark


PS my featured image is of me looking adorable when it was raining. Old Grumps was moaning again that her boot leaked, both boots leaked.


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