One less thing to Moab about

I’m sure I’m not the only one to be both exasperated and amused by spellcheck’s attempts to find the word it thinks you want. Sometimes my fingers miss the right keys, especially when I’m writing quickly, or when I’m texting. Whether it’s a life of writing, but I have flat ends to my thumbs so I accidentally touch all sorts of letters i don’t mean to when I’m texting. It’s ok if I spot these weird suggestions in time, but sometimes I don’t – and depending on who I’m messaging it can be funny, embarrassing or just confusing!

I was messaging my daughter yesterday and wrote ‘One less thing to Moab about’  I corrected it before I sent it, but then i was amused at what I’d written. Then I got to wondering who Moab was; I knew it was a Biblical name, but I only remembered him as a person.  When  looked him up I found he was the son of Lot, he whose wife was turned to a pillar of salt on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Unfortunately Lot was not only Moab’s father but also his grandfather. He may have been the ancestor of Moabites who lived in the land of Moab. Moab was where Jordan is now although there is not much archaeological evidence, there is some which gives an idea of the extent of the kingdom and its important places. One of the old inter-national trade routes, the Kings Highway went through Moab; merchants and travellers cold go all the way from Egypt to what was then Mesopotamia, so no doubt Moabite traders took advantage of that.

It may have been a typo, but at least I found out about the kingdom of Moab and the Moabites, so perhaps what I mistakenly wrote is now true, one less thing to Moab about!

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