Farewell Tims!

A little while ago I wrote about our garden and how it has gone completely out of control! It’s an utter wilderness, and overtaken by brambles, ivy and mutant ninja honeysuckle which doesn’t flower. There is also a invasive very prickly shrub which the previous owners planted round the garden I guess to keep unwanted visitors out – well it certainly does that, it’s vicious!

We decided enough is enough and putting aside the reasons we’ve not been attending to it as we should over the last couple of years (writing, making music, painting, drawing) we made a plan and over the last four days we have wielded the secateurs and saws and fought back. Sadly among the rampant aggressors, there have been some home casualties, and sadly we have had to say goodbye to several Tims.

When we first got together, we were determined for our first Christmas to have a tree even though we were spending the actual holiday with family. We carefully chose and decorated a live tree – it seems so cruel to have the poor trees with no roots which are then just tossed out at the end of twelfth night. So we had a small living tree which we intended to keep until the following year, which we did, and it seemed his name was Tim, Tim Tree.

Tim was a great little tree, but then he got to be not such a little tree, and it was time to let him grow free and we planted him in the garden. The following year we bought Tim 2, and then Tim 3. Then we moved away from Oldham where we’d lived together since 1990, got married, had two children, and bidding a very fond farewell to the two Tims we took Tim 3 in his pot to the south-west with us.

That was in 2001; since then we have had several more Tims; sadly not all survived but we still have a few, now fine specimens in the garden. This however adds to the problem of the brambles, ivy, honeysuckle, spiky prickly thing, plus various other plants which love us including buddleia and berberis (also very, very prickly) We don’t know for certain but we believe there is an underground stream here because our garden never dries out and everything flourishes no matter what the drought lie conditions are. We are very near the sea and there are all sorts of water courses flowing beneath the surface.

So, farewell Tims! We have had to cut you down to give us light, to clear some space and to take back our garden. My featured image is of one of the Tims eight years ago.


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