On the radio!

A while ago I shared a story her called ‘Clown’. It was complete fiction about an older man thinking back to his schooldays and of his friendship with a boy called Nick. I submitted it to our local BBC Radio Bristol to a programme which encourages listeners to upload stories, poems, songs, music, reminiscences, to be shared on Adam Crowther’s programme.  I was very excited when it was accepted and I had to record the story – however, since it’s told from a male perspective, I had my husband read it. He has one similarity to the main character, he too got a scholarship to a grammar school but in every other aspect he is completely different, and certainly the story has nothing at all to do with him! He did however read it beautifully for me.

The story is available for the next few weeks and you can listen to it here (not sure if it’s available for overseas visitors, but try!) Here is teh link:


Here is a link to the story again:


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