My mum’s Christening spoon (i)

More about spoons, this is the first part of the story of my mum’s Christening spoon; I have shared this before, but there is a sequel which I will share tomorrow! (i)

My mum was born in 1925 and at that time her family were in lodgings in Winchester; they did not stay there long, maybe a couple of years; her sister born eighteen months previously was also born there. As far as I know our family have no other connection with the beautiful city; however, somehow my grandfather managed to arrange for her to be Christened in Winchester Cathedral. She was Christened in 1926 and one her gifts from a god-parent (name unknown) was a silver spoon with her initials engraved on the handle.

I remember the spoon at home from when we were little, it was so pretty and unusual and was usually in the sugar bowl. Then… somehow it got lost. I don’t remember it being lost… maybe my mum didn’t either, maybe it was just a realisation that her Christening spoon wasn’t in either the cutlery drawer or the sugar bowl. Several years later, my dad was in the garden; we had a large garden – well, it belonged to the lady who lived in the flat above ours but she was elderly and let us use it and my dad grew all our vegetables.

On this particular day dad strode back down the garden from the vegetable beds, triumphant… and in his hand was the Christening spoon! It must have got bundled up with potato peelings or cabbage leaves and put on the compost heap! The spoon was returned.

I ended up with the spoon, and every time I used it I was reminded of my mum, of the losing of the spoon and the finding, of my grandfather who arranged the Christening in Winchester cathedral, of my dad digging the garden and growing vegetables for us. And then one day, I realised I hadn’t seen the spoon for a while; I searched everywhere, the drawers in the kitchen, the sideboard in the dining room… and I realised that sadly, the spoon must have disappeared in the way it had in my childhood. I had a vague hope that it might turn up when we were digging our compost into our vegetable beds, but in reality I guessed it had gone out with the other rubbish, and was lost forever except in my memory.

So… yesterday, in preparation for our family returning home from University, and with the prospect of a summer full of big people in our house, we decided to do some deep tidying… I think you can guess the rest!img108 img107

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