… and two Caesar salads

The other night we went out with visiting cousins for a light meal. We fancied something straightforward, a nice pub meal would be perfect. We found a pub we’d only had a drink in before, never eaten there, and after squirting ourselves with sanitiser, followed the masked waitress who greeted us – at a distance to our table well-spaced from the next diners. There was well-kept beer and a straightforward menu and between us we had one fish and chips, one belly pork (a huge thing enough for two!) one chicken New Yorker, one beef and ale pie and two Caesar salads – actually called chicken and bacon salad, which in essence is what it was. I love salad and have come to the conclusion chicken Caesar is my favourite. I’ve become quite picky about them, and written a few times here, because what should be so simple and impossible to get wrong, varies hugely. This is what I wrote after I’d had a terrible (but terribly expensive) Caesar salad in a posh restaurant, and was comparing it to others I’d had in chain restaurants:

What could be easier than a Caesar salad, as I mentioned before in a previous post. Lettuce, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, anchovies, bread, Parmesan cheese, possibly capers… It was invented, apparently in 1924 by Caesar Cardini, but there must have been a million interpretations of it since then. Last time I wrote I was complaining (not like me!!!) about a fancy and expensive restaurant I had been to and been given; this is what I said:

The lettuce was flabby leaves (really no excuse for that – you can buy crisp lettuce at any supermarket) the chicken tasted as if it had been boiled and was in big slabs, the croutons were chunks of bread, the eggs weren’t just hard they were solid, and the sauce was so acidic, vinegary, sour and with a strange bitter taste.

I also mentioned that my favourite and most reliable Caesar salad comes from a pizza chain, Pizza Express. The other day we were in Taunton, and it seemed lunchtime-ish and we just happened to be passing Wildwood which is another chain. We popped in for a bite to eat and as it was lunch I decided on a light salad and thought I would try their Caesar… how impressed I was!!! Really crisp, fresh lettuce, perfectly boiled eggs, tender chicken, beautifully cooked, fresh Parmesan, bread torn into the right sized pieces, a nice light dressing… I did enjoy it! Has it knocked Pizza Express off the top of my Caesar salad list… not sure, I might have to try them both again!

My featured image is from my meal at Wildwood

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