A little romance

As I’m getting ready to publish my next book, Winterdyke (Thomas Radwinter #7!) I’m already looking at what I’m going to be writing next. Having had such a tortuous time getting this last  book finished, I’m eager to get my writing teeth into something different. My plan is to finish my 1950’s story of Mike Scott, reporter on the Easthope Bugle, and there’s another Radwinter bubbling away (and actually another after that!) so I have plenty of work to do. However, today as I was between doing some editing and doing something else, I was looking through old stories, half-finished, barely started, abandoned or just not continued for whatever reason and came across the story of Theo

I’m not sure what inspired me to write it, but it was definitely not intended to become a book, it was just me playing with a different genre, and rather enjoying writing something not quite as complicated as some of my genealogical mysteries. It was in fact the beginning of a little romance, a genre I rarely read, and have never written before – although there is often a romantic element in my stories.  I guess I must have written what would amount to a quarter of it if it were ever to be finished… and i suddenly wondered if maybe I should attack it again and actually finish it, more for fun than anything else!

The main character is a woman with two grown up children, like me but not like me as I am very happily married, whereas she is gratefully divorced! Unexpectedly she has an encounter with an unlikely man younger than herself – this does sound like a classic easy-read romance doesn’t it? I do feel as if I should bring in something more edgy, I’m not sure I could manage total saccharine, and … wait a minute! I mustn’t get distracted and have too many things on the go at once, that way madness lies! Maybe I could just potter along with it and see how it turns out and whether it would be worth publishing… If I did, should I use a nom-de-plume? I’ll have a think about that one!

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