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Over the last couple of days I’ve been sharing updates on the progress of getting my next book, Winterdyke ready to be launched into the world. In case you missed this, my next book is the seventh in my Radwinter series and is named after Winterdyke Mere, a low lying watery place, now used for recreation, but in the past accidentally created by unsuccessful attempts to drain the marshy area, not far from the sea. It is a completely imaginary place, as are the characters, including Thomas Radwinter – although he has become very real to me! In Winterdyke Thomas explores the family history of the very wealthy Robespierre family, and, as with his other adventures, all is not as it seems. There are present day mysteries he’s asked to uncover but some within the family don’t want him to succeed.

My Radwinter stories started in 2013 when Thomas’s miserable and unfulfilling life was changed in a way he’d never imagined. By the second book he had acquired a life partner and a step son and become known locally for solving small domestic mysteries and finding lost people. In book three his personal life changes even more, and his family increases as does the strangeness of his ‘commissions’. In book 4 he decides to tell his three brothers the truth about their parents, and unfortunately that does not go well, and there is a massive rift between his two oldest brothers. By the end, of course, having gone through some dangerous experiences, all is well and the family is once again united!

The four books are ‘Radwinter’, ‘Magick’, ‘Raddy and Syl’, and ‘Beyond Hope’.

So, books five and six… here’s the Amazon blurb for each:

Earthquake: – Thomas Radwinter’s life seems settled and content as he juggles working as a free-lance solicitor, genealogist and house husband. However a new arrival in the family puts extra pressure on him as he has to balance looking after them and earning some money. A commission from an elderly gentleman to investigate a mysterious death at a little boarding school in 1931 seems intriguing and harmless; a haunted hotel he’s asked to visit seems just to be over-imaginative guests and maybe a less than honest manager. However, during his investigations he has to confront a violent verger, an unbalanced conchologist and a very strange friend from the past…
Thomas took on his commissions, little realising when he began his investigation that he would be putting his life and that of a friend in serious danger… “I tried to work out what was going on, and what to do, and what might happen to us – trying my hardest to keep my thoughts well away from a terminal conclusion to events… “

Saltpans: – Thomas Radwinter’s family has settled into a busy every-day routine – parents at work, children at nursery and school. Thomas settles to be Mr Boring, he wants no more mysteries to put his life at risk: “After last year’s dramatic and traumatic events, I’ve reassessed the commissions I undertake, I’m Mr. Boring now!”
He accepts the case of a young woman who was found washed up on the local beach, unharmed but with no memory of who she is or where she has been. Thomas senses that she is afraid – of something or someone, and tries his best to help her. His research into his wife’s family finds French refugees, Zeppelin raids, heroism and tragedy – but also courage and love and a connection to a small town on the Mediterranean. A friend is troubled by an annoying but harmless stalker, and Thomas does his best to find out who is being such a nuisance to him. Meanwhile, his seven year old son is hoping against hope that the boy taking the lead in the school play will be ‘sacked’ and he will take over the starring role… and is there something wrong with the youngest child in the family?
He half-heartedly takes on a commission from a professor at the local university, and reluctantly becomes embroiled in some ‘dodgy’ business – why? Because the family needs all the funds they can get; juggling all these different balls, Thomas and his wife are trying to find the right house which can accommodate their growing family. A beautiful property right by the sea would be perfect, but how can they ever afford it?

Here is a link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/RADWINTER-6-Book-Series/dp/B07FBJTPDP/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2E5KR50C51DVR&dchild=1&keywords=lois+elsden&qid=1597658438&sprefix=lois+elsd%2Caps%2C272&sr=8-1

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