Winterdyke blurb

Coming very soon, as soon as I can possibly make it, Winterdyke!! Here’s the blurb, straight from the back cover!

 Thomas Radwinter is invited to research a wealthy family’s history and stay at Athelmond Grange, near Winterdyke Mere. However, he’s puzzled; the task is so simple and he realises there’s another reason he’s been asked to investigate the family’s past. “To be honest it was a bit odd; if I had a sixth sense it would be pricking right now… But doesn’t the sixth sense enable you to see dead people? I remembered the film, then wished I hadn’t.” A hundred year old murder, a recent mysterious death, hidden treasure, and in the worst winter Thomas is trapped at Athelmond. Someone doesn’t want him to succeed – is he safe, is his life in danger. Who can he trust? There are no friends, but who are his allies, who his enemies? And will it ever stop snowing?

 Here’s a link to my other Radwinter books, just in case you need to catch up!

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