14 hearty things

Like most of us I try to be healthy, and I guess i’m fortunate because a lot of the unhealthy what’s called lifestyle choices, I already avoid – just because i don’t like them. For example, eating sweets – I’m not a big fan of sweet things for the most part, and prefer more savoury. Another thing I rarely eat is salty and savoury snacks, I can’t actually remember having a whole bag of crisps to myself, occasionally if someone else has a bag I might eat a couple but that’s it. I love vegetables and salad, I love beans, grains, nuts, I perhaps don’t eat as much fruit as is recommended, but usually I have far more than the five a day! I don’t smoke, although i did when I was younger – i started when I was a student, and was an intermittent puffer until we decided to plan for children and then farewell ciggies! Although I do spend a lot of time sitting and writing, I also spend a lot of time out and about, walking dog, visiting places, working in the garden… maybe i could do more exercise, but apart from functional walking, nothing much appeals. I used to be a swimmer when I was young, it was my passion, now I find it boring. I used to cycle everywhere when we lived in Cambridge, but now I think it’s too dangerous with the traffic on the roads, and I really don’t enjoy it.

I came across a page on nutrition to help maintain a healthy heart and good blood pressure, which I had a look at to see if there was anything i don’t do which i should, or do do which I shouldn’t! One thing included on the list which I absolutely do not like is edamame beans – I just really, really can’t bear them! Here’s what I took from it:

  1. green tea – good for a healthy heart and blood pressure: I don’t drink it except occasionally… maybe I should! It supposedly lowers cholesterol as well.
  2. leafy green vegetables – also good for blood pressure and high in vitamin K, and possibly lowers risk of heart disease. I love salad greens, including spinach but the other things which are suggested, particularly kale I really don’t like at all. I’ve tried eating kale in all sorts of different ways and I just can’t abide it. The article I found this information in is American so they also recommend collard greens which we don’t get over here, and from the sound of them I’m not sure I’d like them!
  3. whole grains – yes, I eat plenty of them, not in the form of commercial breakfast cereals but just as themselves, either whole or ground
  4. berries – well known for all their benefits, I’ve started having berries every day with yoghurt; I have cherries and blueberries and a mix of others – even when they’re not in season they are always available as frozen, and to be honest, often there is less waste and they’re in better condition than fresh ones!
  5. avocados – I love them but they are so expensive, and so often they are over ripe, or bruised, or under-ripe and never ripen. I don’t often buy them but do have them when eating out! They are also supposed to help weight loss… I’m not convinced on that claim!
  6. oily fish and fish oil – another item well-known for beneficial properties (there’s a joke there when you say beneficial out loud!) I love sardines, herring, tuna, salmon, so I’m ok there, but maybe don’t eat them as often as I should. I’m the only one in the family who likes oily fish, you see.
  7. walnuts – I am a big fan of walnuts, and have recently bought a big bag and have them every day
  8. ditto almonds!
  9. seeds – love crunchy tasty seeds, have them with yoghurt, or on salad, or sprinkled on almost everything!
  10. beans – I eat beans with salads, but I’m the only one who likes them apart from baked beans – which I don’t care for!
  11. dark chocolate – I’m not a very chocolatey person, and over the years have liked dark chocolate less and less. I think if I leave it off the list but eat everything else than maybe that’s fine 😉
  12. tomatoes I don’t eat so many tomatoes because of their acidity, but maybe I should slip a few more into my salads!
  13. garlic – I love garlic but don’t have it often as I eat mainly raw things these days (not a health choice, just a foody choice!)
  14. olive oil – I love olive oil and have loads of it, using it on bread instead of butter these days!

Here’s the link:



    1. Lois

      Oh dear, how awful – they are just everywhere in the most unlikely food. You must have to be so careful, what a nuisance – and yes, how it impacts on everyday life! Is that unusual for it to develop like that?


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