Moopops – such helpful little things

Sometimes such a little thing can be so useful and yet so simple, and through its useful simplicity gives pleasure. We are lucky enough to have a milkman who comes three times a week and brings us our milk and other things as well – eggs, squash, and various other dairy or grocery or household products which we can order. He arrives at dawn so when we get up, there’s our things waiting for us. One of the best – if not the best things is that we get our milk delivered in glass bottles. I’m sure it tastes better, and I know it’s better for the environment as the glass is recycled back to the dairy, washed, sterilised, refilled and sent out again full of fresh milk.. Apparently milk bottles can be used up to fifty times before they go to a glass recycling!  

All my life I have had bottled milk from the milkman, and as well as the recyclable glass there are the recyclable foils bottle tops. We all used to bring our washed foil tops to school where they were collected and somehow raised money for guide dogs for the blind. These foil tops aren’t stuck down or kept in place with any binding, the foil top putter-on machine crimps them in place, so you just press your thumb gently and the top opens. They can then be used to cover the opened milk… except if you press down too firmly or slightly askew or somehow accidentally tear the foil, and then it doesn’t fit.

This is no longer a problem for me (I know, a non-fitting milk bottle top is hardly a problem) Among the various items inn the milkman’s catalogue were, I discovered, Moopops.  Moopops are brightly coloured silicone bottle tops, exactly the same as the foil ones except durable, washable, used as many times as you have pints of milk. They are in jolly colours, either pastel pink, green or blue, or bright, orange, blue and yellow. Each time I use one, popping it onto a new bottle of milk I think how useful they are – such a tiny thing but every day I appreciate them!

Here is a link to Moopops site:

MOOPOPS pack of 3 (pastel)


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