I have been really busy converting my eBooks to paperbacks. I did this a while ago with Radwinter – unfortunately, I didn’t do it in the way I actually wanted, lack of experience !! The book I published through Amazon KDP was the wrong size! It’s perfect for people who need large print, but rather large and unwieldy. At last I have managed to change it and it’s nw available in a more manageable size!In case you haven’t seen my previous posts,

Radwinter is the first in a series of seven books about the genealogical investigations of Thomas Radwinter. Here’s the blurb:

Thomas Radwinter goes in search of his family roots; using the internet he traces his family back to war-torn eastern Europe, and follows their journey from arriving in England in the 1830’s, across southern England. However, the more he finds out about his family’s past, the more he sees his own family, his brothers and his wife differently. His relationship with them changes… and he begins to understand his own character, and to find out as much about his present life as his family’s history.

This is the new front cover:

… and here is the link:


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