Tin Town, Aunt Edith and a flight to Budapest

Today’s October repost is from last year, when one of the lovely monthly events was meeting up with my family history writing group:

I’m sure my family history group writers won’t mind me saying that they are a very self-effacing group and very modest about their work. A couple of them are, in fact, a little lacking in confidence about what they write, and don’t really appreciate how well they write. We have been meeting for nearly two years and actually when they started they were a little out of practice with writing anything very much as the last time most of them had done so was when they were at school or college!

We were a little reduced in numbers today but we didn’t lack in interesting and amusing stories or in general conversation about writing, and writing our families stories. On the menu today was writing making something of nothing much!! We all have little bits of stories about ourselves, our families, our ancestors; how can we record these in a way which will entertain and interest others? So what were our stories:

  • the continuing story of Marlow Bottom, once known as Tin Town. We learned about about the development of the village hall and the ex-servicemen’s club as well as some of the exotic characters (and their sombreros and cloaks) who were instrumental in changing the settlement of virtual shacks to the modern place it is now.
  • Aunt Edith was born just before the first world war; by the age of fifteen her parents were so worried about her and her relationship with an older man they sent her to France. Young Edith let him know where she was in Monte Carlo and he followed her. She was nearly kidnapped by a handsome young man purporting to be an Arabian prince, but rescued by a friend. She married three times but always kept in touch with the man she’d been in love with as a teenager.
  • a delightful family custom of having pork pies and sausage rolls for breakfast on Christmas Day. It seems it may have originated in the Midlands, but it seems such a great idea I might suggest it for our festivities!
  • an early start for a flight from Bristol to Budapest backfired as the flight was cancelled. Passengers were sent by taxi to London to catch another flight, but ended up in Zurich. Eventually they flew from Zurich to Frankfurt and after more interminable waiting, they flew at last to Budapest where they joined the cruise ship waiting for them on the Danube, fourteen hours late!

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