This still makes me chuckle

This still makes me chuckle:

Many years ago when I had a day job, there was a member of the team, a senior member who was a lovely person but had a tendency to mix metaphors, adopt Mr Spooner’s way of expressing himself, and generally not always hear what was coming out of their mouth! I know I have shared some of these before, but I can’t help but laugh when I look at them again.

I haven’t include the most spectacular flights of linguistic creativeness ( “a gunpowder plot boy” – who knows what was meant? An anarchist? He liked playing with fire? Who now knows?) but here is just a selection:

  1. Bend over backwards and make a rod for your own back
  2. bushy eyed and bright tailed
  3. Can’t see the light for the trees
  4. Handed a spoon to redeem himself
  5. He sets himself up as a tangent
  6. I don’t want this to go between these two walls
  7. It’s good to have bolts and braces
  8. Lying out of his seat.
  9. Oh that old cherry (chestnut)
  10. Smoke on your face (egg on your face)
  11. Speaking hand on head
  12. That was a bit below the table (below the belt)
  13. The ears have walls
  14. Thorn in the ointment
  15. You could cut the ice with a knife


  1. debbiedrury

    One I remember from an old friend was when she was telling my mum and me about her friends daughter who had got divorced and was having problems getting the aggromoney, we couldn’t look at one another for fear of laughing. We didn’t want to hurt her feelings by correcting her and it just seemed so apt.


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