Headline news!

When you self-publish, everything is down to you, all the publicity, all the trying to get the word out – literally of course, all the trying to bring your books to readers. To be honest, you make such a teeny-weeny tiny amount (sometimes only about 20p!!)  from doing it that it’s definitely not for the money;  I want to share my stories, I want to have an audience to engage with my characters and what happens to them.

When I published my most recent book, Winterdyke, I did all the usual things on social media, and I also wrote to the local paper. I heard nothing from the paper,but in hope bought copies each week to find there was no mention of me or my book. Then suddenly I got a Facebook message from a friend – and good heavens! The Weston Mercury had published an article about me on their digital version, and there I was!! I was very excited, I can tell you!

Today the actual newspaper came out, and when my husband brought it back from the paper shop I had a great shock – I was on the front page!! Gosh!! I didn’t expect that! I had to go into town this afternoon, all masked up, and I confess I went into a big store in town to have a look of a pile of newspapers with me grinning out on the front page! I was very chuffed!


Here’s a link to Winterdyke, available as a paperback and an eBook:




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